Toxic Effects of Sugar

Americans consume an average of 174 grams a day, or 42 teaspoons. It’s in ” everything”. Sugar goes by brown rice syrup, cane juice, corn syrup, turbinado, maple syrup, etc. You may not be consuming these directly but fructose( fruit) , juices, breads, pasta, crackers, ice cream, fruit yogurts, cereal bars, cereal, rice, are all carbohydrates that are either loaded with sugar or considered sugar by your body and stored as fat. Yes, sugar makes you FAT!

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End of Summer News 2018

Well Summer is still here – at least in Maryland where it is 92 degrees and full humidity. My summer crops didn’t do so well due to the excessive rain, but am enjoying the local farmer’s market and making do with the bounty of vegetables and fruits available to us now.

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