Dr. MaryAnn Ley

“I believe that the best opportunity for the body to heal comes from within. By combining the practices of chiropractic, nutrition, therapeutic exercises, functional medicine, dry needling, cold laser, and massage in this truly holistic approach, the body then has every opportunity to heal and function optimally.”


Luke Miller YT

In 2007 Luke received his 200-hour certification in therapeutic yoga from Yama Therapeutics and is certified as a Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner from The Vedic Conservatory.

Luke has always maintained a very practical approach to teaching yoga & offering Thai Bodywork sessions.

His private & group yoga sessions help students build a consistent practice that focuses on stability, mobility, and functional movement using vinyasa as a way of accessing the asanas.

With each Thai Yoga Bodywork treatment, the client will experience something new and different. No two treatments of Luke’s are alike.

Luke enjoys intuitively teaching his students & facilitating his clients healing allowing his sequences to flow from his heart and soul. This includes a variety of levels and experiences that combine breath work, assisted stretches, and heart-opening meditations on life.




Courtney Miller YT, CMS-CHt



When working with Courtney in person or online via Zoom, various modalities are offered.

Her invaluable unique skill set combines the most effective elements of:

  • Integrative Coaching
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP
  • Therapeutic & Guided Imagery
  • Aromatherapy & Reflexology
  • Breathwork & Meditation

Courtney incorporates motivational techniques that have an ability to cut through clutter and confusion and get to the root of pain, fear or non-serving patterns. She holds a non-judgmental space that integrates clinical hypnotherapy, developmental psychology, inner-child exploration feminine intuition and transformational holistic coaching to create a safe space for expression.

Courtney facilitates her clients in discovering their unique paths that ensure effective and long-lasting positive change and personal evolution. Every person is a unique individual seeking authenticity. Upon identifying and removing emotional barriers and obstacles, each person regains their power to control their lives and as a result gains a nourishing and deep sense of fulfillment.

A variety of modalities are utilized in order to assist clients in gaining their equilibrium, create new thought patterns, reframe perceptions, and transform their lives.

Courtney provides the non-judgmental and safe environment necessary for clients to maximize their success in removing limiting beliefs, negative habits and addictions, reducing anxiety and stress, dealing with grief and loss, eliminating fears and phobias, and reframing negative memories.

Additionally, Courtney offers compassionate holistic childbirth services.

These include natural labor induction to moms and couples welcoming in their newest additions.

She mentors expectant couples with breathwork, partner yoga poses, stretches and pressure points.

Hypno birthing techniques are used in conjunction with Reflexology and essential oils safe for pregnancy.

These holistic techniques increase relaxation to help moms feel physically, mentally and spiritually prepared by reducing their awareness of fear, stress and pain prior to and during childbirth.




Meet our new therapy puppy- Frito ( Freedom) Ley
He is a miniature Aussiedoodle and has lots of energy and charisma.

We still will forever hold Buttons in our hearts as she was a very special little companion.

Please stop by to meet Frito and play with his favorite toy, the Pickle.

Even the doctor takes time to take care of herself!
Here she is pictured getting reflexology with our office therapy dog Frito.