Let’s face it. We are confused, frustrated, tired, anxious, angry and depleted. Stress is a known immune destroyer. So is sugar. We know that sugar intake, even one gram, can throw you out of ketosis, a fasting state, and plummet your immune system for up to four hours. I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of adopting a sugar-free lifestyle.

When is it appropriate to take action over your health? ALWAYS! You need to know that your body is an amazing machine, designed by our creator to HEAL. Everything you need to heal you already have innately. How you live your life and your mindset dictates what happens with your health.

When it comes to our health, the Western world has largely adopted the germ theory, meaning we need to identify and destroy anything we deem as a foreign invader as it is directly responsible for causing disease.

However, there is another theory called the terrain theory, which believes that it is not the “germ” that determines disease, but rather, the state of our internal health and its ability to maintain homeostasis in the face of “unfriendly” organisms.

I believe that since we are composed of roughly 70 trillion cells, with 4 times that amount in bacteria and even more that amount (hundreds of trillions of viruses) we need to know that germs are not out to get us. Please read the information here for a different perspective.

I have put together some known therapies and items to have on hand  to help your immune system fight should you or a loved one be exposed to illness.  Here are some immune-supportive preventative actions and restorative practices you can adopt to keep you HEALTHY and some of the items you should have at your disposal:

  1. A pulse Oxymeter (available from Amazon) to monitor your oxygen levels – should be between 95-99%.
  2. Saline spray -available at your local drug store. Use daily. Your nasal and oral mucosa are the first areas that are disrupted when exposed to pathogens, pollution, etc.
  3. Portable Nebuliser and food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (Amazon) at first sign of a sniffle.  (see Dr David Marquis on Youtube)
  4. Contrast therapy – HOT /COLD shower. There are lots of studies showing you can affect your immune system in a positive way by ending your hot shower with COLD water for 15 seconds (just do your best). I use this biohack daily.
  5. Sweating (as in exercise) or Infrared Sauna. Start slow and be consistent. We have a portable Far IR sauna in our office that we recommend for our patients.
  6. Drink lots of PURE water. Do the best you can. There are many options. Do not use plastic.
  7. SLEEP well. Do what you need to get the REM and delta sleep cycles optimized.
  8. DE-STRESS. You know what to do.

The NUTRITIONAL supplements recommended to prevent COVID or support you when you are sick , are:

  • Magnesium Lactate (Standard Process)
  • Cataplex A-C (Standard Process)
  • Zinc Chelate (Standard Process)
  • D2/K2 spray
  • Viranon or Echinacea Premium (MediHerb)
  • Melatonin Spray (did you know melatonin is a not only a hormone produced by the brain and other organs to regulate circadian rhythms, but an immune modulator ?
  • Oscillococcinum® for the Flu and Flu-Like Symptoms. The Moment You Feel Achy or Run Down, Nip Flu-Like Symptoms in the Bud with Oscillo. Non-drowsy. No drug interactions-   a tried and true Homeopathic remedy I will never be without!

*****I am not listing recommended doses for these products as they are on the labels. Obviously, if you are fighting an infection or are recovering , you will want to double or triple. The Standard Process products are organic whole food concentrates – taken as food, with food. If you want to purchase directly from them, contact us for a purchasing CODE.

THESE ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU THROUGH OUR OFFICE in Pre-Packaged BUNDLES for $147 (20% off 3 month supply). Just give us a call :410 628-WELL (9355)

If you want more information or want to make an appointment for a Nutrition Response Testing evaluation, please contact us.

May you always be well!

Dr. MaryAnn

Germ Theory Versus Terrain: The Wrong Side Won the Day

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