To Our Community:

Dr. Ley and the Staff at Achieve Wellness Chiropractic Center are passionate about your health and are taking measures to help whomever wants and needs support at this time. We believe that every person has the right to choose any treatment they want and we support informed consent and medical freedom.

Educating our patients about where health comes from, how to keep it and how and where to access pertinent information is the crux of what we do. Your health is not only about your PHYSICAL well-being, but about EMOTIONAL, MENTAL and SOCIAL stability as well. We are beings needing connection. We are here for you, to support and encourage and hug you if that’s what you want.

First of all, we want you to know we take the situation of COVID seriously. We understand there are many people succumbing to illness. Here are some recommendations in handling your health during this time:

  • Gentle movement in the morning is essential to get blood flow to those joints (arm swings, forward bends, extensions, yoga stretches, a few squats and lunges and knee to chest movements for abdominals are all great options).
  • Go outside and get fresh air; if you cannot, then open your window. It is so very important that you engage in deep breathing exercises, grounding (get outside and put your feet in the sand, the earth, the grass, water, etc. This is one way to be a part of the gentle earth frequencies and benefit from NATURE.
  • Drink more water – hot herbal tea feels better sometimes than cold water .  Spring water out of glass, stainless or ceramic is optimal. Use local or raw honey if you want to add a sweetener to your tea..
  • Consider intermittent fasting : 15 hrs + (great boost for your immune system)
  • Eat REAL food – the best foods for your health  are GOOD FATS such as eggs, butter, ghee, olive oil, liver (COD LIVER OIL), fresh or frozen vegetables, Bone Broth (the kind you make from chicken bones), fermented foods (start slow)
  • Find something to make you happy and LAUGH: A movie, a song, a good friend, a good book, your pet or even someone else’s.
  • Don’t panic and spread fear. Minimize exposure to news.
  • Listen to MUSIC – at the whole tones frequencies your body and soul resonates with.
  • Take the recommended nutritional support and therapies. See our blog post on the COVID RELIEF packages we offer in our office.

Dr. MaryAnn